Spectacles – The Future of Fashion?

Snapchat’s new Spectacles are an example of perfect product design. They’re simply gorgeous. Retailing at $130, the only way to get a pair of these limited glasses is by finding the Spectacle Vending Machine, which changes locations daily.

But they’re more than just a pretty pair of sunglasses – they’re the future of fashion.

As the Internet of Things increases and the devices become more connected, fashion will follow the trend. In the past, connected clothing has looked flat out stupid. But this trend has been changing. Fitbits, Apple Watches, and other new devices have shown that fashion-technology can be done right. But, Spectacles have shown that it can be done perfectly.

Everything about the sunglasses are is so pretty. From the frame to the outlines around the cameras, the design aspects of this device are impeccable.

Spectacles are just the start of the coming connected fashion-technology revolution.

People are in love with these sunglasses. Right now, pairs of Spectacles are selling on eBay for over $900! We (millennials) are eating this product up! Product design at its finest!

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