Underrated Fashion Twitter Accounts To Follow Now

Sometimes in the vast sea of social media, good voices are lost in the waves. Some of the accounts generating the best content on Twitter and Instagram are hidden and hard to find. However, we’ve been sailing the social media sea and have found some of these hidden treasures. Here are our picks for Underrated Fashion Twitter Accounts to follow now!

Miss Louie

This Fashion Youtuber has a great Twitter feed. From Sailor Moon throwbacks to gorgeous fall and winter looks, she’s got it all going.

Sierra Schultzzie

This curvy content creator provides some great fashion tips for natural women. She’s got curves and she know how to work them! Her recent holiday content has been a must read/watch!

Miss Yanyi

This beauty, fashion, and lifestyle girl will give you the easy fashion tips you NEED in your life. Her tweets show off some great fashion looks and give some all-around on-point advice.


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Underrated Youtuber of the Week: Meghan Alannah

Check out this week’s Underrated Youtuber, Meghan Alannah. She’s a lifestyle Youtuber who’s had some great beauty and style videos recently. We highly recommend checking her page out. Here are a few of our favorite videos!

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Tips For Getting Instagram Followers Fast – Part 3

We’ve got another few great tips for those of you looking to expand your Instagram following! If you missed the other parts in the series, you here are links to Part 1 and Part 2.

Here are a few quick tips we’ve found for increasing your Instagram follower count. Look forward for more tips to come in Part 4.

  1. Share Videos
    1. Videos do GREAT on Instagram. There a unique type of content which pop out on the Instagram search page. Posts with videos tend to do much better than static image posts. Try making a video and seeing how users respond to the new content type.
  2. Collaborate
    1. When you post an update on Instagram, for the most part, its only seen by your followers. However, if you collaborate with another Instagrammer, each posting on the others page, your content can be seen by a whole new sphere of users.
    2. Tip for doing this: Find another Instagrammer who posts similar content as you and work out a plan were you can “takeover” each others page for a day.
  3. Hold a Contest
    1. Who doesn’t like winning free stuff? No one. While it can be expensive when done on large scales, holding a contest is a great way to gain followers.
    2. Tip for doing this: Hold a small contest where you select a random follower to win a prize. While some people hold contests by choosing someone randomly from the comments of a post, picking a random follower gets more people to follow you.

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