Best Instagram Christmas Tablescapes

Only a little over a week until Christmas! That means planning for the festivities are in full swing. Still looking for some decoration ideas for the big Christmas dinner? You’ve come to the right place!

Stick to your roots. Use live Christmas tree branches over your table runner to bring a little bit of the wilderness to your tablescape.  Via @magdamontrenko   -

A Fresh Green Christmas Table - Shades of Blue Interiors:

A California Christmas with Tessa Neustadt | Rue:

DIY Plaid Tablescape for Christmas Decorating by Magic Brush. These tartan / buffalo check holiday center pieces were less than $100 at Hobby Lobby! Christmas Decorating Ideas:

Plaid Tidings: Christmas Table with St. Nick and a Natural Evergreen Table Runner | #tartan:

From our Creative Director, Katherine Poole I inherited my Grandmother's Spode Christmas Tree china. Every year I try to come up with a new way to feature it on:

Christmas Table Setting – Classic Green and White:

Holiday Table Decor Ideas:

These hand made centerpieces are amazing and will be the talk of your event. No two pieces are alike with the natural driftwood - which is exquisite !!! Combine this look with our faux succulents and

farmhouse Christmas tree:

Today, I'm sharing some of my Holiday Friday Favorites from my findings on Pinterest. Head over to the blog to see the projects I'm wanting to try, outfits I want to wear, and recipes I want to make this holiday season. -

ella claire inspired | christmas tablescape:

Most Beautiful Christmas Table Decorations Ideas All About Christmas:

These hand made centerpieces are amazing and will be the talk of your event. No two pieces are alike with the natural driftwood - which is exquisite !!! Combine this look with our faux succulents and

Martha Stewart's entertaining essentials will bring major style to each of your holiday celebrations — shop the entire collection now, exclusively at Macy's:

Down Home Christmas Merry Christmas everybody! I’m so excited to be a part of The Canadian BloggersChristmas Home Tour 2015 along with eleven other talented ladies, Hosted by Christina from the thediymommy and Shannon from AKAdesign You can scroll to the bottom of this post for the entire lineup of these talented ladies. For those of you who’ve come...Read More »:

Plaid Tidings Christmas Table with St. Nick and a DIY Natural Evergreen Table Runner | #tartan:

Festive and Beautiful Christmas Tablescapes: Ideas and Inspiration:

45 Most Pinteresting Rustic Christmas Decorating Ideas All About Christmas:

Christmas Blue Decorating Ideas - Adding a new and unexpected color to your holiday dining adds an element of style and sophistication to your holiday celebrations.:

17 Genius Christmas Table Settings to DIY #christmas #tablescape:

A beautiful farmhouse Christmas tablescape with rustic elements, mixed metals, and natural greenery. Perfect for a hosting a holiday dinner! | @worldmarket and #ad | Christmas Tablescapes | Holiday Tablescapes | Decorating for Christmas | Dining Room Holiday Decor | Holiday Home Decor Ideas | Tips for Decorating for the Holidays || Lauren McBride:

Christmas Chandelier and tablescape décor

Holiday Entertaining Inspiration: 10 Gorgeous Winter Tablescapes:

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11 More Beautiful Wine Bottles

Check out our last post in the series – 11 Beautiful Wine Bottles.

A' Design Award and Competition of Rosso Del Vigneto Nuovo by Reverse Innovation curated  by Packaging Diva PD. Award winning innovative packaging design.:



Domaine Lepovo Wine Bottle Packaging Design1







Image result for beautiful wine labels




label design:


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The History of the Starbucks Holiday Cup

This Year’s Cup:

In 2016, there were 13 Starbucks holiday cups, all designed by customers.


Plain and boring. Lots of people complained that it wasn’t “Christmas-y” enough, but we think its just flat out boring.


2014 Starbucks Holiday Red Cup

Some holiday spirit on the cups, but still pretty dull.


Decorated with ornaments, the 2013 Starbucks holiday cups followed the design style of the time.


Love these festive cups from 2012, especially the snowman!


Very similar to the 2012 holiday cups and also quite festive.


Again, in the same vein as the 2012 and 2011 Starbucks holiday cups, but this time with a hint of white.


One of the latest holiday-specific Starbucks holiday cups.




2006 Starbucks Holiday Red Cup

The festive sleeve is about the only interesting part of this cup.

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The Most Expensive Thanksgiving Dinner

$45,000 for a Thanksgiving dinner?!?! Still less than our student debt….


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12 Beautiful Thanksgiving Settings

Less than a week to go to Thanksgiving! In honor of the upcoming holiday, here are some of the most beautiful Thanksgiving table settings.

1) Pumpkins Galore

Thanksgiving table with assorted turkey plates, plaid tablecloth and easy centerpiece with pumpkins, oak leaves, nuts and votives |


2) Golden Pumpkins

Gold Pumpkin Tablescape: When you want a glam version of a Halloween or Thanksgiving-themed fall wedding table, dip it all in gold. This luxe technique is an easy DIY project when armed with plenty of metallic spray paint.:


3) Light and Elegant

Brass and pastel make for an elegant Thanksgiving tablescape. White candles tucked into antique brass candlesticks, brass shot glasses that double as votive holders, a bay leaf garland and heirloom pumpkins cast a note of laid-back romance onto the holiday table.:


4) Outdoors and All-Natural

Easy Thanksgiving Table: A Crisp, Nature-Inspired Spread:


5) Simple

Organic and Casual Thanksgiving Tablescape | The perfect decor for a fall!


6) Dusk Dinner

Voici 20 tables de Noël à faire rêver! De la plus simple, à la plus folle des idées! - Décoration - Des idées de décorations pour votre maison et le bureau - Trucs et Bricolages - Fallait y penser !


7) The  Colorful Setup

Fill Your Table - Thanksgiving Day Tables That Are #Goals - Photos:


9) The Colorful Pumpkin Setup

BECKI OWENS- Thanksgiving is coming! Visit the blog to see 10 inspiring Thanksgiving tables + shop the looks.


10) All Wood

Use wood slices as Thanksgiving place settings.


11) Green and Outdoors

Gorgeous Thanksgiving table idea! See 15 stunning Thanksgiving tablescapes on


12) Staggered Candles

Never underestimate the power of mason jars for decor purposes:

We LOVE this candle idea!


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The 7 Coolest Wine Glasses You’ve Ever Seen

The holiday season is finally here! Which means family gatherings and drinking loads of wine to make them tolerable. Here are some of the coolest wine glasses so you can ignore your Aunt asking you questions in style.

1) Hand-Painted Wine Goblets


2) Stainless Steel Wine Glasses


3) Prescription Wine


4) Waterford Crystal Wine Glasses


5) Hand-Painted Peacock Wine Glass


6) Aerating Stemless Wine Glass


7) Pink Beach Wine Glass


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5 Weird Products You Need For November

Just 2 more weeks until Thanksgiving!

1) Corn Cob Candles

Indian Corn Candles

I literally cannot stop laughing at these. These are the candles for Thanksgiving. Link

2) Shower Wine Glass Holder

Bathtub shower wine glass holder - pick your color - Translucent colors now available - 3d printed

I swear, I don’t having a drinking problem. But for real, how can we turn down the chance to drink and shower at the same time? Link

3) Ring Shot Glasses

Plastic Wedding Ring Shot Glass (12 Shot Glasses) by FX

Why did these not exist when we were in college?!? A must for November bachelorette parties. Link

4) Felt Sloth

Felted sloth, cute sloth, needle felt animals, sloth gifts, small soft sculpture, wool felt sloth, tiny animal, sloth toy

Since the sloth is our spirit animal, might as well get a toy one. Link

5) Trump Toilet Paper

Funny Toilet Brand Donald Trump Toilet Paper

The title speaks for itself. Link

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11 Beautiful Wine Bottles We’re In Love With

As the cold weather picks up, so do our drinking habits. While our parents told us to “not judge a book by its cover”, we can’t helping buying the wine with the cutest bottle and labeling. Here are 11 of our favorite bottles we’ve come across in the past few months. These bottles make for the perfect thing to bring to that family Thanksgiving dinner, and for making it through that dinner.



This colorful, prismatic design.





elk and wolf wine bottle


sicani wine packaging





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Why Fall Is The Best Season

Fall is just the best. From the cool weather to the delicious food and drinks (yea, I’m referring to Pumpkin Spice), everything is perfect. You might think winter is better because of Christmas, or summer because of the beach. But let me explain to you why fall wins.

First, lets talk about the weather. If you’re in the New York area like us, summer is brutal. Summer days are filled with humidity and 85+ degrees temperatures. But fall fixes all of this. The temperature moves into the 50s and humidity is a thing of the past. This leads to falling leaves and beautiful landscapes.

🍁🍂 In transition. Photo by @mdockham #fall🍁

A photo posted by By Stefæn Dellis (@captureminnesota) on

And this transitions into the next reason: fall fashion. Cool fall weather allows for layering and more fun fashion than summer does. But, its not so cold that you need to be bundled up like a burrito. There are so many styles to play with, from warm cardigans to jackets of all sorts.

And boots. Soooo many boots. Who doesn’t love boots?

Matchy-matchy with mother nature on this rainy day 🍂🍁

A photo posted by Jean • Extra Petite Blog (@extrapetite) on

Next is the food. There’s nothing better than warm, home cooking in the fall atmosphere. Toasty biscuits, cider doughnuts, and melt-in-your-mouth pies are just a few of the key staples of fall cooking.

Plus, the biggest food day of the year is in the fall: Thanksgiving.

What comes with good food? Good drinks and the fall has plenty of both. The most obvious is the infamous Pumpkin Spice Latte. However “basic” it is perceived to be, it will always hold a place in our hearts. And stomachs. The perfect hot chocolate is next on our list.

Another great thing about fall is that it’s the start of the Holiday season. We start of with Halloween, the best reason to get drunk and eat immense amounts of chocolate. Next up, Thanksgiving, the best meal of the entire year surrounded by loved ones. And this leads us right into winter and the Christmas/Hanukkah festivities.

Finally, Fall is the coziest season there is. Grab a fluffy sweater, a Pumpkin Spice latte, light a fall-scented candle, and lounge in bed with a good book. What’s not to love?

Fall is the best!

Automne🍁 #jardindestuileries #tuileries #paris #fall🍂 #fall2016 #france

A photo posted by Carlita (@carlititaa) on

Think a different season is better than fall? Agree with us and love PSL season? Tell us in the comments!

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5 Weird Products You Need For October

Autumn has come and with it comes the need to buy some more unnecessary things to go along with our Pumpkin Spice Lattes. While no one needs the following products, we sure wouldn’t mine having them.

1) Sound-Reactive Fire Pit

Just because it’s getting colder doesn’t mean we want to be stuck indoors 24/7. This fire pit kickstarter project reacts based on the music. The fire moves with the beat!

Check it out

2) Halloween Wine Labels

October means Halloween parties and what better way to celebrate than with decorative Halloween wine labels.

Check it out

Spooktacularly Sophisticated - Custom Hollween Party Wine Bottle Labels for Adult Halloween Parties - Set of 4 Personalized Sticker Labels


3) Knitted Sleeping Bag

This is the coziest thing we’ve ever seen. We imagine it feels like being wrapped by 100 fluffy puppies.

Check it out

The Turtleneck Sleeping Bag


4) Wooden Bathtub Shelf

October is one of the best time for relaxing with long, warm baths. With this shelf, you can read or work while enjoying a cup of tea, all while still in the bath.

Check it out

Wooden Bathtub Caddy


5) Wine Purse

Fall weather calls for nice picnics. And nice picnics call for wine. Lots of wine.

Check it out

Insulated Wine Flask Purse

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