Underrated Fashion Twitter Accounts To Follow Now

Sometimes in the vast sea of social media, good voices are lost in the waves. Some of the accounts generating the best content on Twitter and Instagram are hidden and hard to find. However, we’ve been sailing the social media sea and have found some of these hidden treasures. Here are our picks for Underrated Fashion Twitter Accounts to follow now!

Miss Louie

This Fashion Youtuber has a great Twitter feed. From Sailor Moon throwbacks to gorgeous fall and winter looks, she’s got it all going.

Sierra Schultzzie

This curvy content creator provides some great fashion tips for natural women. She’s got curves and she know how to work them! Her recent holiday content has been a must read/watch!

Miss Yanyi

This beauty, fashion, and lifestyle girl will give you the easy fashion tips you NEED in your life. Her tweets show off some great fashion looks and give some all-around on-point advice.


Be sure to check in the coming days for our post on Underrated Fashion Instagram Accounts to Follow Now! The Instagram Curator

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NYC Winter Style 2016

The Instagram Curator

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Spectacles – The Future of Fashion?

Snapchat’s new Spectacles are an example of perfect product design. They’re simply gorgeous. Retailing at $130, the only way to get a pair of these limited glasses is by finding the Spectacle Vending Machine, which changes locations daily.

But they’re more than just a pretty pair of sunglasses – they’re the future of fashion.

As the Internet of Things increases and the devices become more connected, fashion will follow the trend. In the past, connected clothing has looked flat out stupid. But this trend has been changing. Fitbits, Apple Watches, and other new devices have shown that fashion-technology can be done right. But, Spectacles have shown that it can be done perfectly.

Everything about the sunglasses are is so pretty. From the frame to the outlines around the cameras, the design aspects of this device are impeccable.

Spectacles are just the start of the coming connected fashion-technology revolution.

People are in love with these sunglasses. Right now, pairs of Spectacles are selling on eBay for over $900! We (millennials) are eating this product up! Product design at its finest!

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Check Out 100 Years Of French Fashion In 2 Minutes

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8 Jackets To Buy If You Win The Lottery

Winter season is just around the corner and with the season comes winter fashion. If you’ve happened to win the lottery recently, these winter jackets are for you. Here are some gorgeous, insanely expensive winter jackets.


1) Canada Goose – Snow Mantra Parka – $1,500

Snow Mantra Parka


2) Sofia Cashmere – Fur Collar Wrap Coat – $2,000



3) Brock Collection – Biker Jacket – $13,900

Brock Collection biker jacket


4) Valentino – Astro Couture Bomber – $10,500

Valentino 'Astro Couture' bomber jacket


5) Yves Salomon – Pierre De Lune Jacket – $10,015

Yves Salomon 'Pierre de Lune' jacket


6) Dolce & Gabbana – Military Jacket – $9,295

Dolce & Gabbana floral embroidered military jacket


7) Valentino – Fantasy Leather Jacket – $12,500

Valentino crazy fantasy leather jacket


8) Proenza Schouler – Patchwork Fur Jacket – $7,000

Proenza Schouler patchwork fur jacket



There you have it, 8 INSANELY expensive jackets. If you liked this post, be sure to subscribe to our e-mail list for weekly updates!

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5 Lifestyle Youtubers To Follow This Fall

Here at The Instagram Curator, we spend wayyy to much time watching fashion and beauty Youtube videos. We’ve spent too many hours exploring the best fashion Youtubers.

Here are 6 of our favorite Fashion Youtubers.

1) Miss Louie

Miss Louie has a serious understanding of fashion. The editing on her videos is professional level and there’s something about the aesthetic we love! Her fashion rule is “wear what makes you happy” – her fashion videos alone make us happy.

2) Rachel Ashley

Rachel Ashely’s 2016 Fall Lookbook video is a must watch. Some of the looks are pretty unique! Her makeup videos are just as great.

3) Stephanie Ledda

Stephanie’s fall makeup tutorial (see above) is saving us from makeup faux-pas. Shes the most well-known Youtuber on this list, with over 800,000 subscribers. Her videos are super varied, ranging from “Modern Renaissance” to the “Easy-Bake” foundation routine. Be sure to check her out is you’re autumn makeup game is lack-luster.

4) KaaylaDee

KaaylaDee is such an under-rated beauty content creator! She’s gorgeous! Her makeup tutorial videos are sped up and soooo fun to watch. Be sure to check her out.

5) Schannaloves

Schannaloves is another pretty underrated Youtuber, with only about 7,000 subscribers. Her style and video editing is a bit “unique”, so definitely check them out if you want some new style ideas.


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10 Sweaters We Need In Our Lives

It’s SWEATER WEATHER! In honor of one of the best fashion seasons of the year, we’ve compiled a list of some of the cutest sweaters you should be wearing this fall.

winter garden sweater

J-Jill – $60

Marled Knit Lace-Up Sweater

Forever 21 – $25

Marled Off-the-Shoulder Sweater

Forever 21 – $15

Urban Outfitters – $70

Urban Outfitters – $60

Express – $70

Express – $60

Express – $60

product image

A&F – $58

product image

A&F – $60


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8 Super-Expensive Fall Boots

While we love looking for beautiful, affordable fall fashion pieces, who doesn’t like to peek at the fashion trends of the wealthy. That’s why we’ll be looking at some of the most expensive fall boots available.

product image

Jimmy Choo Over-The-Knee Boot – $2,395

Floral jacquard buckle ankle boot

Gucci Floral Ankle Boot – $2,150

Vetemetnts Over-The-Knee Boot – $9,900

Saint Laurent Velvet Knee Boot – $5,995

The Row Alligator Ambra Ankle Boots - Boots - 504654703

The Row Alligator Ankle Boot – $7,500


Christian Louboutin Siegfridalta Strappy Over-The-Knee Boot – $2,500

Francesco Russo open toe knee-length boots

Francesco Russo Open Toe Knee Boot – $5,500

Alexandre Vauthier lace up over-the-knee boots

Alexandre Vauthier Lace Over-The-Knee Boot – $4,500

Roberto Cavalli elasticated fringed detailing boots

Roberto Cavalli Fringed Detailing Boot – $4,500

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6 Fall Hats Under $30

1) This Warm Faux Fur Cap – $30


2) The Perfect Wool Floppy Hat for taking a walk through the leaves – $23

Product Image, click to zoom


3) A Black Hat for a foggy day – $19


4) The Classic Casual Baseball Cap – $24


5) A Cheap Beret To Warm Up With – $17

sur la tete Cotton Beret - 10 1/2 inch Diameter


6) A Casual Streetwear Cap – $15


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6 Fall Boots We Need Now

It’s November! Which means we have another month of great fall fashion. So, let’s check out some fall boots we’re super envious of.


1) Claudia Knee High Boot

Product Image, click to zoom

$140 at Nordstrom

2) Joanne Taupe Suede Booties

$30 from Lulus

3) Farylobrin Lammi Boots

Farylrobin Lammi Boots

$250 from Anthropologie

4) Kelsi Dagger Brooklyn Harman Boots

Kelsi Dagger Brooklyn Harman Boots

$250 from Anthropologie

5) De La Vina

De La Vina

$180 from Teva

6) Shelby Boot


$700 from Rag & Bone

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