Underrated Fashion Twitter Accounts To Follow Now

Sometimes in the vast sea of social media, good voices are lost in the waves. Some of the accounts generating the best content on Twitter and Instagram are hidden and hard to find. However, we’ve been sailing the social media sea and have found some of these hidden treasures. Here are our picks for Underrated Fashion Twitter Accounts to follow now!

Miss Louie

This Fashion Youtuber has a great Twitter feed. From Sailor Moon throwbacks to gorgeous fall and winter looks, she’s got it all going.

Sierra Schultzzie

This curvy content creator provides some great fashion tips for natural women. She’s got curves and she know how to work them! Her recent holiday content has been a must read/watch!

Miss Yanyi

This beauty, fashion, and lifestyle girl will give you the easy fashion tips you NEED in your life. Her tweets show off some great fashion looks and give some all-around on-point advice.


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Stop Following These 10 Makeup Trends

The Instagram Curator

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The Best Bath Bomb Gifs

Is it pronounced gif or gif?

Lush bath time lush cosmetics bath bomb lushtime

Lush bath lush cosmetics bath bomb bath bombs

Lush bath lush cosmetics bath bomb bath bombs


Lush bath lush cosmetics bath bomb bath bombs


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12 Stylish Forearm Tattoos

Tattoos can be as much as a fashion statement as any piece of clothing. Here are some of our favorite, stylish forearm tattoos.

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Makeup Tips From The Early 2000s

Check out this hilarious clip from Buzzfeed!

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Check Out 100 Years Of French Fashion In 2 Minutes

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The “Glamglow” Mask For Flawless Skin

Check out this video from Buzzfeed on the “Glamglow” beauty masks. We neeeeed to try these!

The Instagram Curator

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The Science Behind Beauty: Mascara

Mascara. My savior before going out on Saturdays and runny nemesis after breakups. For years, girls and women alike have been using mascara to darken and thicken their eyelashes. Even since the days of the Egyptians, mascara has been a god-send.

But what is mascara?

What is this?!?!

The most common type of mascara is made mostly of waxes (fatty substances), fine droplets of oils, and water.

The purpose of the wax is to perform the actual thickening of the eyelashes and give the mascara the consistency that’s needed for it to be useful. On a side note, some mascaras use bees wax as their wax, so save the bees! The oils are used so that the mascara can spread across your eyelashes evenly. The water is then used during the creation process to help mix the waxes and oils together.

Image result for mascara wax

An example of the beeswax used in mascara.

Now that the wax, oil, water mixture has been used to create the initial mascara product, we can add the fun part: pigments! These pigments are what give the mascara is distinct color.

Some raw pigment shown above.

For common black mascara, the recipe has not changed much in the past few thousand years. Yes, as we mentioned before, even the Egyptians loved mascara as much as we do. For these mascaras, carbon black pigment, frequently created by the burning organic materials, is used. This carbon black pigment was approved by the FDA in 2004 and allows for the blackest of mascaras.

For brown mascaras, a variety of iron oxides are used to give the product its final color.

However, all brands and mascara products have their own variations and differences in adding these pigments. Not all mascaras are created equal.

As you can see, the product which we all love isn’t that complicated after all. Just a few main ingredients and then the pigment. Its so straightforward, you can even do it at home! The method described in the video below is all natural too!


Still interested in mascara science? Check out this article from Into the Gloss about how mascara is made written by a mascara creator. Here’s a video from L’Oréal Research and Innovation.


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Underrated Youtuber of the Week: ItsLikelyMakeup

Itslikelymakeup (aka Jordi), a professional makeup artist from Canada, is responsible for some of the coolest makeup tutorials on Youtube. Recently, she’s been posting insane Halloween makeup videos. That’s why she is our Underrated Youtuber of the Week.

Here are 3 of our favorite videos from Itslikelymakeup:

ItsLikelyMakeup Youtube Page

ItsLikelyMakeup Twitter Page

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7 Horrifying Halloween Makeup Styles

Halloween is less than a week away and if you’re like us, you still have no idea what you’ll be wearing out to the bars on October 31st. If you’re looking for something sexy, this is definitely not the post for you. Instead, here are 7 horrifying Halloween makeup styles for those who are artistically inclined.

#Repost @karolinagriciute Killer Clown 🔪

A video posted by Makeup Video Tutorials (@fakeupfix) on

#Halloween #Halloweenmakeup Bald ist Halloween ooommmmgg..😂

A photo posted by @_.nenxd._ on

#halloween #firsttry #makeup #halloweenmakeup #scarymakeup #rippedface

A photo posted by Ugnė (@uggs5) on

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