Best Instagram Christmas Tablescapes

Only a little over a week until Christmas! That means planning for the festivities are in full swing. Still looking for some decoration ideas for the big Christmas dinner? You’ve come to the right place!

Stick to your roots. Use live Christmas tree branches over your table runner to bring a little bit of the wilderness to your tablescape.  Via @magdamontrenko   -

A Fresh Green Christmas Table - Shades of Blue Interiors:

A California Christmas with Tessa Neustadt | Rue:

DIY Plaid Tablescape for Christmas Decorating by Magic Brush. These tartan / buffalo check holiday center pieces were less than $100 at Hobby Lobby! Christmas Decorating Ideas:

Plaid Tidings: Christmas Table with St. Nick and a Natural Evergreen Table Runner | #tartan:

From our Creative Director, Katherine Poole I inherited my Grandmother's Spode Christmas Tree china. Every year I try to come up with a new way to feature it on:

Christmas Table Setting – Classic Green and White:

Holiday Table Decor Ideas:

These hand made centerpieces are amazing and will be the talk of your event. No two pieces are alike with the natural driftwood - which is exquisite !!! Combine this look with our faux succulents and

farmhouse Christmas tree:

Today, I'm sharing some of my Holiday Friday Favorites from my findings on Pinterest. Head over to the blog to see the projects I'm wanting to try, outfits I want to wear, and recipes I want to make this holiday season. -

ella claire inspired | christmas tablescape:

Most Beautiful Christmas Table Decorations Ideas All About Christmas:

These hand made centerpieces are amazing and will be the talk of your event. No two pieces are alike with the natural driftwood - which is exquisite !!! Combine this look with our faux succulents and

Martha Stewart's entertaining essentials will bring major style to each of your holiday celebrations — shop the entire collection now, exclusively at Macy's:

Down Home Christmas Merry Christmas everybody! I’m so excited to be a part of The Canadian BloggersChristmas Home Tour 2015 along with eleven other talented ladies, Hosted by Christina from the thediymommy and Shannon from AKAdesign You can scroll to the bottom of this post for the entire lineup of these talented ladies. For those of you who’ve come...Read More »:

Plaid Tidings Christmas Table with St. Nick and a DIY Natural Evergreen Table Runner | #tartan:

Festive and Beautiful Christmas Tablescapes: Ideas and Inspiration:

45 Most Pinteresting Rustic Christmas Decorating Ideas All About Christmas:

Christmas Blue Decorating Ideas - Adding a new and unexpected color to your holiday dining adds an element of style and sophistication to your holiday celebrations.:

17 Genius Christmas Table Settings to DIY #christmas #tablescape:

A beautiful farmhouse Christmas tablescape with rustic elements, mixed metals, and natural greenery. Perfect for a hosting a holiday dinner! | @worldmarket and #ad | Christmas Tablescapes | Holiday Tablescapes | Decorating for Christmas | Dining Room Holiday Decor | Holiday Home Decor Ideas | Tips for Decorating for the Holidays || Lauren McBride:

Christmas Chandelier and tablescape décor

Holiday Entertaining Inspiration: 10 Gorgeous Winter Tablescapes:

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Underrated Fashion Twitter Accounts To Follow Now

Sometimes in the vast sea of social media, good voices are lost in the waves. Some of the accounts generating the best content on Twitter and Instagram are hidden and hard to find. However, we’ve been sailing the social media sea and have found some of these hidden treasures. Here are our picks for Underrated Fashion Twitter Accounts to follow now!

Miss Louie

This Fashion Youtuber has a great Twitter feed. From Sailor Moon throwbacks to gorgeous fall and winter looks, she’s got it all going.

Sierra Schultzzie

This curvy content creator provides some great fashion tips for natural women. She’s got curves and she know how to work them! Her recent holiday content has been a must read/watch!

Miss Yanyi

This beauty, fashion, and lifestyle girl will give you the easy fashion tips you NEED in your life. Her tweets show off some great fashion looks and give some all-around on-point advice.


Be sure to check in the coming days for our post on Underrated Fashion Instagram Accounts to Follow Now! The Instagram Curator

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NYC Winter Style 2016

The Instagram Curator

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Stop Following These 10 Makeup Trends

The Instagram Curator

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Spectacles – The Future of Fashion?

Snapchat’s new Spectacles are an example of perfect product design. They’re simply gorgeous. Retailing at $130, the only way to get a pair of these limited glasses is by finding the Spectacle Vending Machine, which changes locations daily.

But they’re more than just a pretty pair of sunglasses – they’re the future of fashion.

As the Internet of Things increases and the devices become more connected, fashion will follow the trend. In the past, connected clothing has looked flat out stupid. But this trend has been changing. Fitbits, Apple Watches, and other new devices have shown that fashion-technology can be done right. But, Spectacles have shown that it can be done perfectly.

Everything about the sunglasses are is so pretty. From the frame to the outlines around the cameras, the design aspects of this device are impeccable.

Spectacles are just the start of the coming connected fashion-technology revolution.

People are in love with these sunglasses. Right now, pairs of Spectacles are selling on eBay for over $900! We (millennials) are eating this product up! Product design at its finest!

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The Best Bath Bomb Gifs

Is it pronounced gif or gif?

Lush bath time lush cosmetics bath bomb lushtime

Lush bath lush cosmetics bath bomb bath bombs

Lush bath lush cosmetics bath bomb bath bombs


Lush bath lush cosmetics bath bomb bath bombs


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12 Stylish Forearm Tattoos

Tattoos can be as much as a fashion statement as any piece of clothing. Here are some of our favorite, stylish forearm tattoos.

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3 Of The Most Expensive Christmas Trees

We’ve finally entered the Christmas season! As the Pumpkin Spice Lattes of the fall begin to disappear, the act of people putting trees in their houses and decorating them begins. Pretty weird tradition when you take a step back and think about it.

The average American doesn’t spend more than $300 on their tree and its decorations. But this post isn’t about the average Christmas tree – its about the craziest, most expensive Christmas trees in the world!

Then there’s the tree at the Ginza Tanaka jewelry store in Tokyo. The golden Christmas tree is valued at over $2 million. The 6.6 ft tall tree consists of 42 pounds of pure gold and wiring. Talk about excessive.

A Ginza Tanaka employee shows off a Christmas tree made with 19-kilogram of pure gold wires at the Ginza Tanaka store in Tokyo 

However, this tree isn’t even close to as expensive as the tree which stood in an Abu Dhabi hotel in 2010. The tree, standing at over 36 feet tall, was decorated with silver and gold ornaments and bows. Most of the value of the tree came from the fact that it was also decorated with diamond jewelry. The total value: over $11 million!!

RECORD PLANS: Emirates Palace hotel has unveiled what is thought to be the world’s most expensive Christmas tree (Getty Images)

Next, we have the Swarovski Christmas tree from 2013. Located in the Hong Kong International Airport, the tree was decorated with over a million Swarovski crystals. The estimated cost: about $15 million!

So, whats the most expensive Christmas tree you can buy online? That would be a 20 foot tall tree from . It’s only $9,000!

For a more complete list, see here.

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Makeup Tips From The Early 2000s

Check out this hilarious clip from Buzzfeed!

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Check Out 100 Years Of French Fashion In 2 Minutes

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