Week of November 13: Rachel Ashley

This week's featured instagrammer is Rachel Ashley! Here's our interview with her:

What are your typical morning and night beauty routines? My typical morning routine is I wake up at 6am, work out, watch the sunrise..haha nah I'm just kidding. If I'm being totally honest, I lay in bed for like an hour watching YouTube videos until I finally force myself out of bed because I'm starving. My beauty routines that I do both in the morning and at night are very basic and easy. I used to wash my face with certain cleansers in the morning; you know the one from Clean and Clear. But now I like to use this Likas Papaya Soap. I usually get mine from this little Filipino market. I've come to see that it makes my skin nice and soft and takes away ALL the oils. I even heard it could lighten your skin, so if you have acne scars it's great!

What style and beauty products are you into right now? I am really into the whole "Instagram Baddie" style right now, but I love to take inspiration from those people and definitely make it my own! My favorite beauty product would have to be falsies. I love being able to wake up, throw those on and not having to wear any other kind of makeup for the day.

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Favorite shoes or boots? My favorite boots this season would have to be anything thigh high! Even though I'm pretty short and I feel like they would come up all the way to my stomach haha, I still love wearing them!

What style trends are you looking forward to now that the fall season has begun? I'm really looking forward to seeing more Faux fur clothes now that it is November. I think they're really cute and can spice up any outfit and since it gets really cold where I live in the fall it's perfect to keep warm (;

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Current fashion company you're loving? My gosh there is just too many! I'm such a shopaholic I'm not sure if I can pick one! But I guess I'll pick Love Culture. Their clothes are so cute and always on trend, I have no problem dropping money at that store!

Favorite outfit you've worn this year? My favorite outfit I wore would probably be the outfit when I wore this velvet off the shoulder top from love culture with distressed boyfriend jeans and open toed lace up heels! I am SO in love with anything velvet and silky.

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Celebrity crush? Why? Usually when people ask me this question I have a hard time coming up with someone, Buuuuut this time I don't haha I'm literally in LOVE with this Filipino-Australian actor James Reid. I love him because he's half Filipino and us Filipinos have to stick together! Also, he's just really cute and really talented. He can sing, act, and I think even play some instruments. Did I mention that hes cute? (; Sadly, he does have a girlfriend but I totally ship both of them so it's okay!

Best date experience? I don't know why this is so hard for me to come up with something! Haha. I guess I haven't had a good date before... that sounds sad OMG. But, this one time I was in Mexico and one of the staff wanted to talk to me but he was on dutying so he told one of the waitresses to come to my table and tell me he wants to see me after his shift. May I remind you the guy was dressed in a NICE suit, like daaaaang okay. I seriously felt like I was in a movie when that happened. And when I went to see him after his shift he gave me a rose!

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Worst date experience? Now this question I have no problem answering HAHA. One of the worst dates I have been on was with someone from Tinder. I feel like Tinder stories always end bad haha. We went on a double date and the guy I met from Tinder was supposed to meet us at this restaurant and he did. Being at the restaurant was fine, but when he drove me home I felt like I was going to die! He tried to impress me by driving with his knee while texting and then he almost ran out of gas! Let's just say, I never talked to him again after that.

Any closing comments? To anyone reading this I just want to say embrace who you are. For so long, especially in my elementary and middle school years I didn't embrace the fact that I was half Filipino because people would make fun of me for it because they didn't understand anything about the Philippines. For so long I looked down upon it and wish I were some other ethnicity that was "more common" I guess you could say. I wanted to fit in with everyone else. So basically my point is, whatever you are struggling with EMBRACE IT. There is only one you in the world and YOU are special.

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